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Compact Desktop Iris Recognition System

Product Description

The CMITech DMX-10 is a desktop iris biometrics imaging device that simultaneously and quickly captures highest quality iris biometric images. Easy to use, the system s simple and intuitive user interface makes positioning fast and repeatable, even for subjects with no or minimal acclimation. The advanced image capture and processing architecture offers the fastest iris biometric capture speeds in the industry.

The DMX-10 is ideal for emerging logical access control solutions and other authentication applications that require a compact and cost effective iris capture device.
Developed with the latest in system design technologies by one of the leaders in the industry, the DMX-10 is physically robust, highly reliable and durable.

Dedicated to building trust with end-users and partners alike, CMITech s products and technology are leading the industry in cost effective and easy to use iris recognition solutions across the full range of identification and authentication applications.


  • State-of-the-art optical design
  • Advanced, proprietary stereoscopic eye localization
  • Simple and repeatable subject user interface
  • Proprietary optics for positioning indicators eliminate parallax viewing problems
  • Simplest of user instructions
  • Large depth of capture of 30 mm
  • High speed, simultaneous dual imagers
  • Near-real time off-axis gaze detection
  • Motion detection

User Advantages

The optical design includes utilizing highest quality optics and very fast shutter speeds, which allows the systems to exceed industry standards for image quality. The measured modulation transfer function exceeds the ISO 19794-6 specification of 4.0 lp/mm at 60%
contrast ratio.

The DMX-10 accurately locates the position of both eyes in 3D in near-real time to optimize subject ease of positioning and iris image quality. This feature enables the fast and reliable subject distance positioning indicators.

Subject positioning is simple and intuitive. The subject merely aligns his / her eyes with the positioning mirrors, and then moves toward or away from the system based on simple, colored LED indications

  • Blue is too far away
  • Red is too close: and
  • Green is OK.

The proprietary and patented design of the color LEDs for distance positioning can only be viewed by one eye at a time, eliminating any parallax viewing problems that might cause the subject to reposition his / her head. The result is a smooth and intuitive positioning experience, even if the subject s head is Slightly tilted to one side.

The combination of the easy to use positioning features also means that the instructions to subjects are simple and straightforward. The subject is merely instructed to:

  • Place the reflection of his / her eyes in the center of the mirrors;
  • Look at the colored LEDs and move his / her head toward or away from the system according to color;
  • When the colored LED is green, hold the position for about 1 second and open eyes slightly.

The very large depth of capture enhances robustness and ease of positioning.

Dual iris imagers acquire iris images at very high speed, 30 frames per second. The system controller monitors in near real time various quality metrics to determine which iris image pairs should be selected as the biometric samples.

Detection of subject gaze angle (i.e. whether the subject is looking directly ahead at the imager), which is essential for optimal iris biometrics. If the subject is looking away, the system will automatically wait to capture a valid iris biometric image until the subject does look straight ahead.