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Cost Effective and Easy-to-use Iris Recognition for Biometric Enrollment

Product Description

The CMITech BMT-20 is a binoculars-type iris biometrics imaging device that simultaneously and quickly captures highest quality iris biometric images. Easy to use, the system can be reliably positioned by the subject with minimal instructions, or by an operator with the aid of positioning feedback LEDs on the top of the imager s housing.

The patent-pending optical design of the BMT-20 features expanded depth of field and a very large tolerance for interpupillary distance, which provide superior tolerance for the
positioning of all subjects eyes. The BMT-20 is ideal for enrollment programs of all sizes, including those involving very young children.

Designed with the latest in optical and system control technology by one of the leaders in the industry, the BMT-20 is physically robust, highly reliable and durable. Meeting the elevated IP64 intrusion protection standard, this system is sealed against dust and other airborne particles to provide extended life in harsh environmental conditions.

Dedicated to building trust with end-users and partners alike, CMITech s products and technology are intended to improve processes, mechanisms and quality within all enrollment programs, large and small.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art optical design
  • Single sensor design
  • Long internal optical path

The optical design includes utilizing highest quality optics and long internal optical path, which allows the BMT-20 to exceed industry standards for image quality as specified by ISO in the 19794-6 document. The standard is 4.0 lp/mm at 60% contrast ratio.

The proprietary and patented single sensor design interleaves left and right iris images for simultaneous capture. By utilizing only a single sensor, power consumption through the USB connection is minimized. This allows for optimized NIR illumination, resulting in
the shortest exposure times possible, thereby minimizing any potential for motion blurring.

The optical design is folded within the BMT-20 system, providing the longest optical path of any binoculars-type iris recognition imager. At 365 mm ( +/- 15 mm), the long optical path provides much greater depth of field while minimizing optical distortions.